Case Study

GSK, Rotkreuz has mandated BACHMANN DISPLAY AG for design, development and production of the E-display for seasonal products with an integrated screen for easy updating of the advertising message via the cellular phone network.

– Matching the E-display with other POS-elements within the framework of a campaign
– Modularity
– Increased visibility / stopping effect / purchase invitation
– Possibility to update digitally the advertising message every 4 weeks
– Sustainable for a long term and reliable service

Design requirements:
– Consideration of the various packaging formats
– Implementation of a modern, sober design language
– Realization of an attractive sales-tool with integrated communication 4.0
– Smallest space requirement on the counter, next to the checkout
– Coherent design for the E-display, the counter display, the cash tray and the credit card terminal


The development can be divided into the following 5 Milestones:

Step 1: Capture the customer’s vision, the targets, the core message
Step 2: Visualization, materialization of the visual context
Step 3: Dimensioning, detailing of the functionality, ergonomics
Step 4: Implementation, handling, materialization, look and feel
Step 5: Delivery to the customer