Case Study

BACHMANN DISPLAY AG has been mandated by ZAI AG, Disentis with the design, development and production of a freestanding sales display and a wall element for exclusive Skis, cloths and golf equipment.

The challenge:
– Low weight
– High stability
– Modularity
– Greatest possible flexibility
– Assembly of the display by one single person

The requirements for the design:
– Emphasize the values of ZAI, such as quality, performance and innovation
– Floating presentation of the skis
– Integrated presentation of the ZAI promotional video


The development can be divided into the following 5 Milestones:

Step 1 Capture of the customer’s vision, objectives and main message
Step 2 Visualization, design language, materialization, framing
Step 3 Dimensioning, detailing of the functionality, ergonomics
Step 4 Implementation, handling, materialization, look and feel
Step 5 Delivery and installation at the point of sales