Case Study

Novartis Pharma Schweiz AG, Rotkreuz mandated BACHMANN DISPLAY AG for design, development and production of the multimedia floor stand SANDOZ with an integrated screen for easy updating of the advertising content.

 – Development, prototyping and series production within 8 weeks
– Easy and quick updating of the advertising content at the point of sales
– Optional update of the advertising content via Internet at a later stage
– Possibility to add information to the screen content up to a defined extend by the user
– Added benefit by an integrated dispenser for disinfection-liquid
– Storage space for brochures and complementary products
– Sustainable for a long term and reliable service

– Sober and reduced design
– Integration of a 22” swiveling screen with built-in media player
– Realization of an attractive sales-tool with integrated communication 4.0
– Smallest space requirement at the point of sales, at the pharmacy or at the doctor’s office


The development can be divided into the following 5 Milestones:

Step 1: Capture the customer’s vision, the targets, the core message
Step 2: Visualization, materialization of the visual context
Step 3: Dimensioning, detailing of the functionality, ergonomics
Step 4: Implementation, handling, materialization, look and feel
Step 5: Customizing, delivery and commissioning at the point of sales