Sustainability at the POS

Sustainability at the poS

Environment protection – circular economy – sustainability: Topics that we encounter in almost all areas of life. But what can we do concretely, at the point of sale?


Environmentally friendly and economic

Ecology and economy go hand in hand. Display solutions that are designed from the outset according to ecological criteria are often less expensive than supposedly “cheaper” single-use solutions.
Sales displays that are used several times, rebranded or reconditioned not only offer ecological advantages, but are also cheaper over the entire life cycle than “one-shot” solutions.

Use of recycling material

Thermoformed parts can be produced advantageously from recycled plastic. Examples are polystyrene, ABS or PET, which are ideal for recycling, i.e. for use in closed material cycles. The recycled materials offer comparable technical properties to virgin materials but make ecologically and economically much more sense.


Permanent displays with added value

Sales displays, which can be used over a longer period or for several promotions, offer noticeable advantages for the environment and for the budget. Compared to disposable solutions, the amount of waste is reduced. Longer use saves both transport distances and transport costs.

Upon request, BACHMANN DISPLAY AG offers a full-service package, from the roll-out of the displays to the points of sale, delivery and assembly of add-ons, as well as collection, eventual repair, reprocessing and storage until the next use.


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